Full official specs, new photos of the RUF CTR 3

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First things first: as was widely reported (including here) the RUFCTR 3 is not derived from the Porsche Cayman. That makes it no less amazing, as the technical data pasted after the jump bears out. The CTR 3's bodywork is a RUF creation in aluminum and carbon fiber, and the earlier reports stating that the car is Cayman-based were probably a result of the automaker's use of the small Porsche coupe's taillamps. That's where it ends, however.

The 3,746cc twin-turbocharged flat six produces 700 horsepower and over 656 lb-ft of torque, which, according to RUF, enables the CTR3 to run from zero to 62 mph in 3.2 seconds and max out at 235 mph. Shifts come courtesy of a six-speed sequential manual gearbox. The tall shifter is capped with a metal knob and features prominently in the Ruf's leather-lined cabin. 15" 6-piston ceramic-composite brakes fore and aft handle the task of stopping this rocketship. The brakes are tucked behind a set five-spoke wheels sized 19" in front and 20" in back. As much a supercar as the Enzo, Carrera GT, and SLR McLaren, the CTR 3 is priced accordingly at €380,000 plus VAT. That's over $510,000 US dollars at the current exchange rate, and for the buyers who would consider adding one to their collections, it's probably worth every single penny.

[Source: RUF]

Gallery: RUF CTR 3

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All the colors of the BMW M3 rainbow

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click on the above image to view all the colors of the M3 rainbow

We're secure enough to admit that the production version of the BMW M3 coupe looks better than we expected. Some among the team credit the hot Melbourne Red paint job the car is wearing in BMW's first batch of official photos. While the car's design is certainly a wicked canvas, the paint color in which it's dipped makes a big difference. BMW's International website has an interactive feature allowing one to display the new M3 in any of its eight available colors, which include Alpine White, Black, Sparkling Graphite, Space Gray, Interlagos Blue, Jerez Black, Silverstone II and the aforementioned Melbourne Red. Not only that, the interface allows you to rotate the M3 in a full 360-degree circle, as well as change the wheels from the standard 18-inch, double spoke alloys to the optional forged-and-polished 19-inch wheels that come with their own anti-thefy security device.

The M3's brochure states that metallic paintwork is an option, which likely means that a portion of these colors will cost you extra. We've added pics of the M3 wearing every color with both sets of wheels to our gallery in case you're not interested in waiting for BMW's color changer to load.

[Source: BMW via M3post]

Gallery: 2008 BMW M3


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F1 drivers split on traction control ban

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For those who think this is shaping up to be an exciting F1 season, next year should be a stunner. The FIA has confirmed that traction control will not be allowed in 2008. With traction control about to be banned from F1, Formula One Drivers are split on the decision. Most have said they support the move, but most racers will usually say they prefer fewer electronic aids getting in the way of pure mechanical feel and control of the vehicle. At this level of performance, however, the drivers often like to talk a good game and downplay the significance of the devices. It's more driver skill, they'll tell you. But for some of today's drivers, electronics have been fitted to every car they have raced at this level of competition. The aids themselves have been used since 2001.

Follow the jump to see how some of the top drivers feel about this issue.

[Source: PaddockTalk]

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VIDEO: Pole Position commericial, circa the '80s

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When kids nowadays roll their eyes when hearing about how tough we had it when WE were kids, they frequently think we might be exaggerating, especially when we talk about video games. Pong was inconceivably archaic, but the games that showed up in the next few years from the once-dominant Atari seemed like an incredible leap forward in terms of graphics and playability, games like Pole Position in particular. Full color, simulated 3-D renderings, authentic race car sounds - it had it all and was controlled with an 8-direction stick and one red button.

Those were the days. Well, thanks to YouTube, we can relive the excitement this video game instilled in gamers by viewing Atari's television campaign for Pole Position. Clearly aimed at the whole family, we see how easy it was for an everyday couple and their kids to experience the thrill of real formula racing at the flip of a switch. It was like being lifted by the hand of God and dumped from your boring Rabbit into a fleet of Formula cars. Don't worry about the helmets, kids. They won't help when you fly off course and explode on impact with that Pole Position billboard. But fear not, there's always a reset button somewhere. Click through to relive your glory days.

[Source: Atari via YouTube]

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Nenpimania hacks Prius to top 100 mpg

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You're a modern global citizen who wants to do your best to protect the environment and cut down on our fossil fuel usage, but you can't go completely carless. Saving a few bucks on fuel wouldn't hurt either, with gas prices stuck in the stratosphere. Finding an ultra-efficient vehicle, therefore, is a must. The Prius seems to be all the rage for mileage conscious motorists, but it doesn't give a big enough edge over gas-sipping superminis, or even a few compact diesels, to really make it a true bargain. But there are a number of computers onboard, and anywhere we find computers, we typically find hackers. The Prius and other hybrids are not immune. But rather than wreaking havoc with unsuspecting drivers, these hackers have taken it upon themselves to hack their cars to maximize mileage. These hackers are part of a growing trend in Japan and are known as nenpimania, or "mileage maniacs." Takashi Toya is one such nenpimania.

Toya is just one of approximately 100 mileage maniacs in Japan who try to outdo each other and post the highest mileage from their Priuses. According to this Bloomberg article, he has streamlined his already slippery car by fitting special tires, taping plastic and cardboard over the engine, and blocking his grille with foam rubber. He also drives without shoes. Not sure why, but it was an interesting detail that made us tend to side with Toya's wife, who reportedly thinks he has joined a cult. Seriously though, Toya's mods and the computer hacks he's done add up to as much as 79 mpg. And that doesn't even make him top dog. An Akita prefecture resident nicknamed ``Teddy-Girl'' has recorded almost 116 mpg. That's enough to drive from Dallas to Los Angeles without a gas stop to refill the 12-gallon tank on the Prius.

Thanks for the tip, Michael!

[Source: Bloomberg, AutoblogGreen]


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TCC lists 10 concepts Detroit should have built

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Show cars, dream cars and concept cars have long been a staple of the auto show circuit. Ever since Harley Earl dropped the 1938 Buick Y-Job on the unsuspecting public, automakers have been teasing us with concepts that more often than not fail to make it to production. Sometimes certain design elements or powerplants or nametags make it to showrooms, even whole vehicles occasionally slip through with minor changes, but there are always cars we wish automakers would have built but didn't. That's what The Car Connection addresses in its newest top ten list. "Ten Concepts Detroit Should Have Built," as you may guess, focuses on concepts American manufacturers should have made.

TCC gives a thorough description of each choice and an explanation of its merits, and also invites readers to weigh in on which they would choose as the pick of the litter. We encourage you to click over and check them out for yourself, but here's the list:
  • Chrysler Norseman, 1956
  • Chevrolet Astro II, 1967
  • Chevrolet Corvette Four-Rotor, 1972
  • Chrysler Phaeton, 1997
  • Pontiac Aztek, 1999
  • Jaguar F-Type, 2000
  • Chevrolet Nomad 1999 and 2003
  • Lincoln Continental, 2002
  • Cadillac Sixteen, 2003
  • Ford Reflex, 2006
Add our votes for the Astro II (pictured), the Nomads and Cadillac's Sixteen concept, though ourl list would have also included the Dodge M80, Ford 427 and Buick Velite.

[Source: TheCarConnection]


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Defiant Motors formed to lead grass-roots VW GX3 revival effort

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click on the above image to view a high-res gallery of the VW GX3

Most of you probably remember the Volkswagen GX3, the German automaker's sensational three-wheeled sports concept that stunned LA Auto Show attendees in January of 2006. After a roller-coaster ride of will-they-or-won't-they speculation, including spy shots of a mule undergoing testing, VW canned the project because in today's litigious society, the risks to the company were deemed too great.

Enter Defiant Motors, an entity that has apparently been set up to gauge public interest in seeing a production version of the GX3 come to fruition. In the email we received from Aaron Mady, the owner of the DefiantMotors.com domain, he states that if there is enough interest, the ultimate goal would be to partner with Volkswagen to market a production GX3 as a Defiant-badged vehicle "so that they will not be liable for consumer education that the GX3 is a motorcycle." We have no idea what kind of resources Mady and/or Defiant Motors has at its disposal, so the viability of making step 2 happen is completely speculative.

We're not legal experts, so we'll have to defer to others more versed in matters such as this to determine whether such a situation would or could work. If you do have experience in this arena, we'd like to hear from you in the comments. And Defiant would like to hear from you if you're interested in parking a GX3 in your garage. It may be pie-in-the-sky, but it sure is an interesting idea, and it's just another great example of the kind of grass-roots effort you can mount via the Internet. To Mady's and Defiant Motors' credit: they're trying.

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Renntech does up the Merc McLaren SLR 722

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We know that Mercedes used the SLR 722 badge on the SLR McLaren 722 Edition to honor the 1955 Mille Miglia-winning Mercedes-Benz 300SLR of Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson, but still. That car, wearing a big "722" on the doors, which indicated their 7:22am start time, managed to beat the favored Porsches and Ferraris back in the day. But people see a 722 on the label and somehow 650 hp doesn't seem good enough. Enter, supertuner Renntech.

Renntech takes the supercharged 5.5-liter V8 that resides in every SLR and adds some of its magic. This time it's a simple application of one of the company's upgraded intercoolers and a new intercooler pump. These revised units have twice the capacity of the stock coolers and reduce temperatures by a full 50 degrees. The result is horsepower that now hits the magic 722 mark. No price is listed for the conversion, but it sounds like it could be a real winner with the few customers lucky enough to have a 722 parked in their garage. We could do without the aftermarket wheels though.

[Source: MotorAuthority]


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24 Hours of Le Mons adding $800 VW Microbus for rule enforcement

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You may remember our post on the 24 Hours of LeMons last October, but if not we'll refresh your memory. The 24 Hours of LeMons (pronounced like "lemons" if you didn't get the joke yet) is an endurance race of cars purchased and prepped for $500 bucks or less. The entire event is perhaps the greatest automotive parody we've ever encountered, with the prestigious 24 Hours of Le Mans being the subject of its satire.

While past races included a People's Choice award for drivers voted the biggest jerks on the track (last year's recipient was Car and Driver, whose prize was the unceremonious destruction of their $500 Oldsmobile Aurora), organizers of the event have invested in a new piece of equipment to help enforce the rules of the road course. According to Automotiveblogger.net, a 1973 Volkswagen Microbus has been purchased for $800 and is intended to "make life miserable on the track for drivers who aren't obeying the track rules."

While the author of the blog post appears to be in with the organizers of LeMons in some way, he didn't want to spoil the surprise and reveal exactly how they would wield the Microbus as a weapon against rule breakers. The $800 Microbus apparently tops at around 30 mph, however, so we don't imagine it will be chasing down violators in the turns. Perhaps a penalty box? We'll have to wait until at least the "Championship Race" in early July to find out what the organizers of LeMons have planned.


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Send it to the Galue factory: Mitsuoka's 'Stang/Rolls hybrid

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You can probably build a drinking game around the art of discerning from what cars Japanese automaker Mitsuoka grabs styling elements in its insanely-rebodied lineup. One of its newest additions is the shockingly ugly, Ford Mustang-based Galue convertible (The Galue II sedan is based on a Nissan. You can do that when you're just grafting on new front and rear ends.) In one fell swoop, Mitsuoka takes the 'Stang and renders it into a spectacle that makes "contemporary classics" like the Excalibur look as classy as a Bugatti Atlantic. Seriously.

The front end apes any number of Rolls-Royces, while the rear gets the look of the last-generation Cadillac Eldorado. There are train wrecks on wheels, and then there's this. And it ain't cheap, either. According to Carscoop, the asking price for this monstrosity is the equivalent of $65,000 USD for the Mustang GT-based car, and well over $50K for a V6 model. Yes, we know all about how the conversion rate between here and Japan isn't direct when it comes to cars because of differences in the marketplaces, etc. The point is, this would be just as horrible at half the price. Some of the Mitsuoka creations are kinda fun, to be sure. This, however, is a nightmare that needs to be taken behind the barn and put out of its misery.

[Source: Mitsuoka via Carscoop]


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Could Porsche force VW to unload Lamborghini and Bugatti?

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Is Volkswagen about to shed some supercars from its stable? It could be the case, if statements by Porsche boss/VW supervisory board member, Wendelin Wiedeking, are taken seriously. When asked about the future Bugatti and Lamborghini within the Volkswagen Group, Wiedeking is quoted as saying "no toys anymore." Cash from the sale of these two exotic makers could help VW work on resurrecting restructuring its core Volkswagen brand, which would allow VW to reclaim its position as a true global player.

But it's not all about the Euros. Not surprisingly, it is reported that Wiedeking isn't too happy Porsche might occupy anything less than the top rung in the corporate hierarchy. Imagine Audi R8, Porsche 911 and Lamborghini Gallardo all in the same family - that might be a little awkward. And with a new Porsche supercar reportedly in the works designed to break the top speed record set by the Bugatti Veyron, it can only get worse. Throw in a Murcielago LP640 successor, and we think the sibling rivalry would turn to bloodshed.

Autocar is speculating that Lamborghini could be sold off, but that Bugatti might turn into little more than a coachbuilder. If the Veyron ends up making Bugatti a one-and-done automaker this go-around, we say job well done but hope there's more to come.

Though Wiedeking is a member of VW's supervisory board and his company does now own 31% of the VW Group, the question remains how much influence Porsche really has over the future of VW. German law in this regard is complicated, and as far as we can tell, beyond a voice on the board, Porsche can't do much at the moment to force the sale of Lamborghini and Bugatti, whether it wants to or not.

[Source: Autocar]


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Is Toyota preparing to purchase Fuji Heavy outright?

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Winding Road is reporting that a recent change in Japan's anti-trust regulations might mean that Toyota has a clear shot at acquiring a controlling interest in Fujji Heavy Industries, the parent company of Subaru. Lest you think this might be some pie-in-the-sky notion, Subaru admits it could use the help. Toyota already has an 8.7% minority share in Subaru's parent company. With the changes in restrictions, Toyota could make a move and gobble up Subaru and all of its awd motorsports prowess.

interviewed Subaru CEO Ikuo Mori, who basically admitted that Subaru might not be long for this world without Toyota's cash infusion. That doesn't mean we'd see badge engineering between the brands anytime soon, however. This wouldn't be like its partnership with GM according to the spokesperson. No 9-7X-like crossover projects are expected, but changes are in the works. Subaru apparently has set its sights on Southern California as a new focal point for the future of the company. And some extra cash would certainly help Subaru achieve its goal of increasing worldwide sales by 15% over the next three years.

[Source: Winding Road]


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Fleet sales also an issue abroad

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Now here's a story that won't take many Europeans by surprise. Just as GM, Chrysler and Ford get knocked for selling tons of vehicles to rental fleets in the States, BMW and Audi do basically the same thing in Europe. In fact, those two German firms lead the list of automakers who rely the most on fleet sales in their home market. This according to auto motor und sport magazine, which has reported that Audi and BMW "have the fewest private customers of all brands in Germany," with just 33.5% and 32.8% respectively. Mercedes was least likely to send a vehicle to Deutsch Hertz, with 50.1% going to private owners. VW rang in at 47.5%, Ford at 41%, and Opel tallied 39%.

To put those numbers in perspective, in the U.S., Ford sells about 66% of its vehicles now to private buyers, and 34% to fleets, which is almost the complete opposite of BMW and Audi in their home markets. Both Ford and General Motors, as well as the Chrysler Group to an extent, have managed to lower their fleet and rental sales in the first quarter of 2007.

Fleet sales take a toll on automakers because of the big discounts with which they're usually associated. The magazine says that the Focus typically sells to fleets at a discount of 28%! Passats (27%), Renault Lagunas (30+%) and Ford Mondeos (30+%) also go for a song. At 30% off those cars aren't making much if any money for the manufacturers. Essentially, they just keep the plants running, according to one sales director. It's hard to say why the percentage is so huge in Europe compared to US totals, but the fact that Americans have more vehicles per capita is probably one big factor.

[Source: just-auto, Blogging Stocks]


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Classed-up hot hatch: Clio Renault Sport Luxe

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Click image for photo gallery

The Clio Renault Sport is a slick little buzz-bomber, delivering 197 GTI-fighting horses from its 2.0L 16V four-banger. Introduced a little over a year ago, the car is getting a new trim level: Luxe. As you might infer, the Clio RS Luxe is a dressed up affair, but don't worry, underneath all the added niceties, it's still the same sporty hatch it was designed to be.

So, what does the Luxe moniker add? Outside, satin-finish side extractor vents and rearview mirrors are the easy tipoffs. Open the door, and full leather contrast-stitched two-tone seats beckon the driver, along with dressier trim elements on the dashboard and premium accessories such as embroidered floormats. In terms of creature comforts, climate control, rain sensing wipers, and automatic lights also find their way onto the list of standard equipment.

Listen, the Clio Renault Sport is an attractive package as is. The Luxe version serves to pull in the drivers who are attracted to its performance potential, but want a higher level of standard equipment. Mission accomplished. We'd head to out local Renault dealer for a test drive, but there is no such thing as the "local Renault dealer" here in the US. Drat.

[Source: Renault]

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Jim Press gains a seat on Toyota's board of directors

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Jim Press, the man at the helm of Toyota Motor North America, is set to become the first non-Japanese member of Toyota's board of directors. He is currently a managing officer of the company, but when promoted the title on his desk will read "Senior Managing Director". That desk will be shipped to Japan, where Press is apparently being relocated. It's not clear how effectively Press will be able to manage Toyota Motor North America from his executive desk chair in Japan, though we imagine many red eye flights will be required to keep an eye on the North American market. His appointment to the board of directors clearly signals the importance of the North American market to Toyota's fortunes, as if launching its own half-ton pickup in the U.S. didn't already send that signal loud and clear.

[Source: Automotive News, sub. req'd]


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BMW might enter the hybrid pool with next-gen 5-series

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Motor Authority reports that a senior engineer has said that if a hybrid proves to be more economical in the real world than its diesel counterpart, then BMW will build one. Speculation is that such a car would be the next-generation 5-series, and then a hybrid X5 in 2010, both of which would utilize diesel-hybrid powerplants.

What was once a clear-cut hybrid vs. gasoline-powered fight has morphed into hybrid vs. a range of new and traditional alternatives (such as the responsibly driven and maintained economical gasoline engine, as this Autoblog Green piece points out). BMW hasn't been alone in supporting diesels over hybrids, seeing as hybrids are only superior in stop-and-go traffic. As soon as highway driving or sheer driving distance is included, hybrids lose their advantage.

BMW is working with DaimlerChrylser to develop its hybrid drivetrains.

[Source: Motor Authority]


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Ford recalls 500,000 Escapes after engine fires reported

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Ford is recalling more than 500,000 Escapes after receiving reports from 50 owners of engine fires from 50 owners. Ford says the fires were caused by improperly installed ABS units on 2001-2004 models, and did not result in any accidents or injuries. Missing or improperly installed seals could allow water or other liquids could get into the units' wiring harnesses, causing a short, and possibly, underhood fires.

Ford dealers will inspect each of the recalled SUVs and repair or replace faulty ABS modules. The recall potentially affects 488,480 Escapes sold in the U.S. and about 75,000 sold in Canada, Mexico and Europe. Hybrid Escapes are not included in the recall.

Read the NHTSA investigation summary on the jump.

[Source: AP via Yahoo]

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Ruf set to launch Cayman-based CTR3 supercar

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Click image for gallery

Fabled über-performance builder Ruf, the house of mad genius that brought us enthusiast miracles such as the legendary CTR "Yellow Bird," appears ready to knock everyone's socks off once again. This time, the wow factor is attached to the company's new CTR3, a Porsche Cayman-based supercar that makes its debut today in Bahrain, where is likely no shortage of individuals able to pony up the car's projected $300,000 price tag.

Under its aluminum and carbon-fiber skin, which makes the CTR3 look like something that would have appeared right at home dueling the likes of the Toyota GT-ONE, Porsche 911 GT1, and McLaren F1 in LeMans races past, the new RUF has the heart of its bigger and equally insane brother, the 911 RT12. Its 3.8L twin-turbocharged six delivers 700 horsepower and 656 lb-ft of torque, all of which is sent rearward via a rumored seven-speed sequential gearbox. Top speed? Figure around 224 mph. Can an assault on the Nürburgring by this earthbound cruise missile be far off?

[Sources: Jalopnik, Motor Authority]

Gallery: RUF CTR3


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50 years of sports cars in New York

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The Chowderheads are turning 50. The Madison Avenue Sports Car Driving & Chowder Society, a group of car enthusiasts who have been meeting and eating at Sardi's restaurant in New York City since 1957, are celebrating their 50th anniversary in style. This group, which has included famous racers, celebrities, journalists and average, everyday car nuts of every stripe, was founded by CBS Radio exec Art Peck and advertiser King Moore back in March, 1957. The purpose of the organization was to push car enthusiasm into the mainstream. By the '70s and '80s they were better known for their wild races across the city. Like the time in 1978 when they had Phil Hill, Janet Guthrie, Bob Tullius, Steve Behr and Jacques Vaucher race a small fleet of career cabbies through New York. The cabbies had their usual steeds, while the racers had 4 Ferraris and a Saab. Behr ended up winning in the Saab.

The second Tuesday of every month, the group has been meeting at the famous Sardi's restaurant in the theater district. First course is always clam chowder, Manhattan style, thank you very much. Hence the "Chowderheads" nickname. While the first meeting had nearly 100 members present, today's group numbers three times that amount. According to the co-director, Bruce Wennerstrom, the group is mainly media people who are involved with cars in one way or another. Wennerstom and his wife Genia run the organization, which still includes five of the original members. The Wennerstroms are also the people behind the annual Greenwich Concours d'Elegance, which tales place June 2-3 this year.

[Source: Edmund's Inside Line]


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Michael Waltrip rolls SUV, is charged with leaving scene of accident

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Embattled NASCAR star Michael Waltrip has some new problems on his plate. According to Yahoo Sports, he has been charged with reckless driving and failing to report an accident. The charges resulted from an incident over the weekend where Waltrip's Toyota Land Cruiser hit a telephone pole and rolled over about a mile from his house. He apparently fell asleep at the wheel, crashed and then walked home early Saturday morning.

Police discovered the wrecked SUV and then tracked down the two-time Daytona 500 winner at his home, where he was quoted as saying he was embarrassed but glad he was unhurt in the incident. Police reported finding blood at the scene, but Waltrip apparently suffered only minor cuts and abrasions. Accordint to the authorities, they saw the SUV on its side, traced the plates and realized it was Waltrip's vehicle.

Waltrip's first season as a car owner running Toyotas in NASCAR has been a difficult one, to say the least. Illegal fuel additives found in his engine during the Daytona 500 led to a record fine of $100,000 and 100 drivers points in the championship standings. He hasn't even managed to qualify for any of the other five races since the 500. Driver Dale Jarrett has only made the field on provisionals for 5 of those 6 races and is currently 37th in the points. Teammate David Reutimann failed to make two races and is 43rd in the standings. And now, Waltrip has this matter to contend with. It simply hasn't been his year so far.

Thanks for the tip, TGM3!

[Source: Yahoo! Sports]


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Automotive Webbies announced

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The 11th Annual Webby Awards are just around the corner, and out of 8,000 nominations in 100+ categories the final nominees have been announced. In the category of Best Automotive Site of the Year, last year's winner, AMG, will be handing over its crown to one of this year's finalists, which include sites for Volvo (C30), Audi (R8), VW (GTI), Toyota (Yaris Driving Experience), and MINI (all things MINI).

Celebrating the best of the best when it comes to all thing digital, mobile and interactive, the Webbys are a product of the International Academy of Digital Arts & Sciences, with members that include David Bowie, Virgin founder Richard Branson, Simpson's creator Matt Groening, and Anita Roddick, president of The Body Shop.

Winners will be announced on May 1, with the award ceremony held on June 5 at Cipriani Wall Street in New York. Host Rob Corddry, from The Daily Show and Fox's The Winner, will oversee a night of acceptance speeches that are limited to no more than five words. For people who aren't megastars or CEOs, there's even a Webby People's Voice Award where you can vote for your favorite web site in each of the categories until April 27. Click and be counted.

[Source: The Auto Channel]


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VIDEO: New photos, first commercial for China's new Buick Park Ave

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Buick Park Ave
Click image for high-res gallery

The new Buick Park Avenue was formally unveiled in Shanghai yesterday, and there's a lot of new media out in support of it. First off, clicking the image above will bring you to a high-res photo gallery of the Chinese-built Park Ave, which is based on Holden's long-wheelbase WM Stateman and Caprice. As the interior photos show, the cabin has been dressed up extensively, with tasteful use of wood on the wheel, dash and rear snack trays. As with the superb-looking Cadillac SLS, the Park Ave is geared toward the backseat passengers. The car's available engines are built at Holden's engine manufacturing facility in Victoria and shipped to China for installation. As you might have expected, Buick has called upon one Tiger Woods to star in the first television commercial for the new Park Ave. You can watch it after the jump, as well as read the latest press release.

[Source: GM]

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BOLD MOVES: THE FUTURE OF FORD A new documentary series. Be part of the transformation as it happens in real-time

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