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Between our periodic bouts of rage and disappointment for not making it to this year's One Lap, we've been able to keep tabs on the event by checking in with our friends at Winding Road and also with the power-obsessed folks at GSC Motorsports. They've been making consistent posts on their blog, while campaigning a 580 WHP Mk. IV Supra in the event.

Most of the posts are your typical sleep-deprived, stream of consciousness blatherings that provide an authentic insight into the stages, the travel, the antics and the competitors that make up this great event. What's even better, their Supra has been consistently running with some of the heavy hitters of past events, including the Davias 996 Turbo, the Hennessy Viper and an assortment of other high-powered, high-maintenance iron.

In addition to their progress, the site also gives readers a glimpse into what technical hurdles await competitors, be it removing the sway bars and softening the shocks to make things stick on the skid pad, or watching a competing team's engine eat itself mid-stage. It's entertaining and educational. Plus, they've got pretty pictures too.


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Bourne Ultimatum chase scene looks to be another gem

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Our local cable provider has been promoting the Hell out of the next installment of the Bourne series, The Bourne Ultimatum, offering cheap direct-to-your-tube rentals of the previous two films. Having only seen the sequel, we took some time out of our day off to sit through the first flick and enjoyed it that much more. Especially the two masterfully choreographed chase sequences in both films.

It looks like the third film in the trilogy won't be lacking any of the tire shredding thrills found in the previous installments, as Matt Damon reportedly drives a C5 Audi A6 through the streets of Manhattan. According to a few industry rags that were compiled by Fourtitude, the chase begins, "at the corner of Market and South Sts. and end[s] near the Department of Transportation lot underneath the Brooklyn Bridge..."

A few live shots were made available at the aLive from New York blog, including the one above.

Unfortunately, we don't know what other vehicles, outside the Audi, are going to be used in the scene. What we do know is that according to Paul Greengrass, the film's director, the chase sequence will not be utilizing CGI. Now that's good news.

[Sources: Fourtitude, alive from New York]


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Transforgasm: Michael Bay releases high-res art of eight Transformers

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click above image to view all eight Transformers character designs

Sigh... our obsession, everyone's obsession even, with the upcoming Transformers film is continuing to build. We know, we're even irritating ourselves a bit, but you can't avert your from these high-resolution character designs for eight of the Transformers appearing in Michael Bay's summer blockbuster. Clearly, Bay took some creative license in designing each Autobot and Decepticon, so we have to ask, which Transformer received the best update?Check out high-res images of each character design in our ongoing Transformers gallery by clicking below.

Which Transformer received the best update from Bay?
Optimus Prime


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AutoblogGreen for 05.11.07

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With 12,600 people in America already plopping down $100 deposits for the currently-unavailable-here Smart ForTwo, does the company really need to do a lot of promotional work? Whether they need to or not, they're going to. A lengthy cross-country tour kicks off later this month, and you can see a schedule of stops on AutoblogGreen.


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Magna may get financial aid from Russian firm to buy Chrysler

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Magna International, along with fellow Canadian company Onyx Corp., has a bid in for a stake in Chrysler, and now additional funds may be coming from Russia. Edmunds' Auto Observer is reporting that Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska is ponying up $1.54 billion to expand Magna into Eastern Europe, where Deripaska controls Russian Automaker GAZ. Magna is already working with GAZ on several projects, including a new plant in Nizhny Novgorod.

The $1.54 billion could be used to help Magna put together the necessary funds to buy Chrysler, and it represents yet another reason many consider Magna to be a front-runner to own the automaker. The UAW prefers the Union-friendly supplier wins out over private equity groups like Cerberus and Blackstone, and Magna is also profitable, with record revenues in the first quarter of this year.

It seems like just yesterday when the words "Supplier" and "Bankruptcy" went hand in hand, and here we are half-way through 2007, and Magna International seems to be on the precipice of owning the automaker for which it supplies parts. Oh, how the tables have turned.

[Source: AutoObserver]


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Mercedes-Benz reveals updated R-Class with more features

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Click image for photo gallery

For 2008, Mercedes-Benz has performed a series of updates on its R-Class people mover (Mercedes calls it an "SUV Tourer" -- identity crisis, anyone?), and as was previously reported, RWD-only variants are now in the mix. There's quite a bit more to the update than just that, however, and Mercedes is certainly hoping that the new choices customers face will help punch up the car's sales numbers. In the US, for example, the R-Class is down 38-percent versus last year (through April). Just in case variety isn't enough, the cost of entry is getting dropped several notches as well, with starting prices several thousand Euros lower than the outgoing model's.

The '08 R gets revised front and rear fascias, but the changes are subtle. In front, the round foglamps and trapezoidal, AMGish-looking surround to the lower air intake are the key identifiers. Both short and long-wheelbase editions are being offered, and new, more flexible seating options allow the luxo-MPV to haul five, six or seven passengers in comfort. Naturally, the usual assortment of creature comforts and convenience features is part of the overall package.

A range of gasoline and diesel engines is available, with Mercedes' 388-horsepower 5.5L V8 motivating the range-topping R 500 4MATIC. The only transmission available is MB's 7G-TRONIC seven-speed auto.The R280, R280 CDI, and R350 are available as RWD-only vehicles (In fact, the R280 gasoline-powered car is only available in this configuration). The 4MATIC roster is made up of the R280 CDI, R320 CDI, R350, and R500. There's no word yet on whether or not the ridiculously powerful R63 AMG will make a return sporting the new threads. Additional details, including the Euro price breakdown, are in the Mercedes press release pasted after the jump.

[Source: Mercedes-Benz]

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Enter the rumormill: Ford Fusion hybrid coming to LA?

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Jalopnik got the skinny from a Ford Motor Company snitch they've dubbed "Electric Throat" (ahem), who says that a hybrid Fusion will be launched in concept form at either the Los Angeles Auto Show this November or North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January '08.

While we knew some kind of alternative Fusion was on the books for 2009, we weren't certain about many of the details. Ray's celebrity mole at Ford says the automaker is pushing for LA, which makes sense considering Arnold's peeps are a wee bit more eco-friendly than us Michiganders, where our lawmakers still hesitate to legislate any greener lest it hurt the bottom line of a few of the state's biggest employers.

[Source: Jalopnik]


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The new Range Rover: Coming with aluminum!

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Imagine you're overweight. A friend of yours tells you about a diet he got great results from. If you do the one simple thing he did, you'll lose around 1,000 pounds. You'd try it, wouldn't you? That's what's in store for the next generation Range Rover, with plans to give the Posh-UV an all-aluminum chassis.

The newer, lighter Range won't arrive until 2012, but engineers have sought approval to build it with a rivet-bonded aluminum monocoque. To do so, it would employ lessons and technology from the Jaguar XJ sedan. In light of the cost involved, such construction would also be spread throughout the Land Rover line. Weight savings for the Range Rover would be around 40-percent, equating to anywhere from 300-500 kg over the current version, a change that would seem to be all pro and no con. Engines would also be borrowed from Jag -- the same lumps expected to power the XF sedan. The 350-450 HP engines would go a lot further in an aluminum Range, as would a speculated hybrid version.

A decision on the aluminum option hasn't been made yet, but it is expected to get the go-ahead.

[Source: Motor Authority]


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A subscriber scorn: OnStar goes black, customer sues

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As of January 1, 2008, anyone who doesn't have a digital-capable OnStar system in their GM vehicle is going to be out of luck. One customer who bought an OnStar-equipped Cadillac Eldorado in 2002 is so upset about it that he's filed a class-action suit against GM and OnStar for $5 million.

The cell phone companies that provide OnStar service will finish the switch from analog to digital service on the first day of next year. When Robert Weaver, the named plaintiff in the suit, bought his Eldorado, says GM and OnStar knew the analog service in his car would only work for six more years, and that there would be no way to upgrade to digital, but didn't tell him. And for that willful omission, they owe subscribers a whole lot of money.

OnStar says it's frustrating, but there's nothing they can do. GM and OnStar have been contacting subscribers to let them know, but have made no attempt to reimburse subscribers for the option or the subscription fees. Instead, GM is offering a year of free OnStar service if customers buy or lease another GM product. And even if you do have a digital-capable system, GM is going to charge you $15 to upgrade it.

[Source: Auto News, sub req'd]


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Honda to let individuals test FCX in 2008; plans cheaper hybrid in 2009

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Click photo for Autoblog Green's FCX test drive.

At a demonstration of its FCX fuel cell concept in Los Angeles, Thursday, Honda confirmed what we reported in December: that they will have a limited number of FCXs on the ground for real-world testing in 2008. USA Today says Honda currently already has two FCX models leased to individuals for $500 month, but the company will add more next year. Honda claims the car gets the hydrogen equivalent of 68 mpg. For our money, we'll wait for the Sportwagen.

At the same event, Honda officials said they were also planning to sell a sub-$25k hybrid within two years to slot below the current Civic hybrid. They said the budget hybrid wouldn't look like other Hondas, claiming current Civic hybrid's sales were outnumbered by the uniquely-designed Prius.

Read about Autoblog Green's November test drive of the FCX here.

[Source: USA Today]


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Motor Trend crowns world's best-handling car with most confusing graph

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Isn't it obvious who won?

Bringing together the best of the best handling cars from various price classes and axeing those with exorbitant price tags to keep things relevant for those of us in the peanut gallery, Motor Trend came up with a list of 32 contenders for the title of Best Handling Car in the World. After a vigorous battery of road tests, they narrowed it down to just 10: the Honda Civic Si, Mazdaspeed3, Mini Cooper S with the John Cooper Works package, Mitsubishi Evolution IX MR (both from 2006 as the 2007 versions haven't hit the pavement yet), the Honda S2000, BMW 335i, Porsche Cayman S, Lotus Exige S, Chevrolet Corvette Z06 and Porsche 911 GT3.

The folks at Motor Trend feverishly tracked on-center feel, skid-pad testing, step-steer, lane-change/swerve stability and ride quality, using gadgets to measure results precisely and not allowing looks, reputation or even emotion get in the way of their final verdict. It's perhaps the most thorough and objective comparison test we've ever seen performed, and as such, it offers a lot of data for the reader to digest. Almost too much, actually, as evident by the graph at the article's conclusion that tries to encapsulate every bit of data for each car in a siezure inducing spider graph (shown above).

Which car won the battle? We don't want to ruin it for you, so click through to find out. [Hint: the winner can be found on page 8 if you're like us and hate surprises]

[Source: Motor Trend]


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Barrett-Jackson considers Vegas move

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It's a given that the annual Barret-Jackson Collector Car Auction has gotten big. Huge, in fact. But, after several controversies from this year's auction, you might say it has even gotten too big for its own britches. Now comes word that it may have outgrown its tent-covered location as well.

Auction owner Craig Jackson was in Vegas recently talking with the city's mayor and tourism council about how his world-famous auction would fit in their world-famous town. From an Arizona Republic article, it sounds like Jackson rolled all sevens and elevens with city officials.

Why is the BJ auction even looking to leave its hometown of 20 years? Again, from what the newspaper story reports, the Scottsboro Scottsdale city council got greedy. Jackson says the city ditched its plans to erect a permanent multi-use building on the site of the auction, refused to sell him land at the site so he could build his own structure and then offered to lease land for 20 years to Jackson.

"It doesn't make any sense for me to build an auction house on leased land for only 20 years," Jackson says in the story.

Upon hearing of Jackson's Vegas visit, ScottsboroScottsdale's city manger tried to set up another meeting with the auction owner. But, "I don't need to waste any more time," Jackson said during a break between Vegas discussions. "I've got business to do and I'm getting business done here."

Going once! Twice....

[Souce: The Arizona Republic via Sports Car Market]


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Gas station owner jacks up prices to prove a point

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Perhaps it's not just gasoline users that oil companies are squeezing -- station owners might be locked in the vice as well. Bob Oyster, a Shell station owner in San Francisco, is making a statement to Shell and to his customers to let them know what he thinks of it.

To hear Bob tell it, Shell has made it impossible to stay in business. After owning his station for 22 years, he's returning it to Shell at the end of the month. Shell charges him more for gas in San Francisco than in other parts of the Bay, where he also owns stations, but won't let him buy gas anywhere else. They have also raised his rent by leaps and bounds. Five years ago he fought to keep his rent at $6,000 per month based on real estate values, when Shell wanted $13,000. This year they again requested $13K. Shell says that's what the market is worth. Oyster says "I got fed up." What did he do? He raised his gas prices to well over $4 a gallon, and ever since, he hardly sees a customer.

"It makes a statement," he said, "and I guess when people see that price they also see the Shell sign right next to it." Like other independent owners, Oyster makes his money off the convenience store extras, but his lot is so small he doesn't have room for much other than candy and cigarettes. He believes oil companies are trying to squeeze out the independents, but Shell says most of its stations are independently-owned and that that number is increasing. "I'm going out with a bang,'' says Oyster. "And I don't care if I don't pump a gallon on the last day.'' And he probably won't: the Chevron across the street sells gas for 70 cents less.

Thanks for the tip, Mike!

[Source: SF Gate]


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Sydney Police get new Lotus Exige cruiser

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During the early nineties, some police forces in the US used 5.0L Mustangs and Camaros as pursuit cars. In other parts of the world some cops have been fortunate enough to have access to Lamborghini Gallardos and Ferrari 612s. Now the police in Sydney Australia have a new Lotus Exige to play with. Lotus previously donated an Exige to their hometown force in Norfolk England and have now sent one to the boys in blue Down Under. Apparently, the Sydney police want to use it scare the Holden Commodore and Ford Falcon drivers into slowing down. No matter how good the Commodore VXR is, it certainly wouldn't stand a chance against an Exige.

[Source: TopGear via DieselStation]


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Is it coming or going? Dual-nosed Escalimo

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Click image for photo gallery

The first thing to cross our minds when we clicked the link to sent in by an intrepid tipster was, "Holy crap." We think it's a perfectly logical reaction to the white monument to the bizarre you see above. The WeirdTruck folks did it by grafting together the cabs from a pair 1998 Chevy 3500-series trucks, one of which actually contains the 5.7L Vortec V8 that powers this...thing. The rear end is identifiable by its red-lensed "headlights" and the exhaust tip peeking through its lower "front" fascia. The interior is set up limo-style, sporting a big U-shaped bench, boomin' system, and video projector with 50-inch screen. Outside, a set of dubs and 1st-gen Escalade conversion kits for both front ends complete the look. It's for sale, and the builders say that it's a sure-fire attention-getter. No arguments here.

Thanks to Jeffrey for the tip!



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Rocket's return: McLaren F1's forefather set to make a comeback

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Gordon Murray has had his hands in a number of impressive projects over the years. Be it Formula one or the McLaren F1, if Murray is involved, you know it's going to light, balanced and fast.

One of Murray's more intriguing projects was the Rocket, a lightweight, road-going tribute to the open-wheeled racers of yesteryear. Originally equipped with a 143 HP Yamaha superbike engine, the Rocket was able to reach 60 MPH in a mere four seconds, primarily due to its minimalist design.

That was in the 90s. Now, Chris Craft, 24 Hours of Le Mans veteran and avid car collector, and his son Luke have decided to introduce a modern version of the Rocket, powered by a 1150cc Yamaha mill that makes up to 170 HP. Said engine will be nestled within the nuevo-retro body to create an 877-pound terror that might justify it's $100k price tag.

Only 10 Rockets will be produced each year, but with the new found popularity of lightweight track toys, we expect most to be spoken for as soon as the Craft's set up shop.

[Source: Inside Line]


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Oettinger GTI "Edition 30" does the hatch right

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The Volkswagen Golf GTI's tuning potential has been the yardstick by which many other sport compacts have been measured. Over the last three decades, intrepid tuners have tweaked the original hot hatch in every conceivable manner and Oettinger decided to continue the tradition on the recently released Golf GTI "Edition 30."

The limits of the direct-injection engine under the GTI's hood is still in the process of being explored, and Oettinger is offering two different packages to its power-hungry customers.

The Stage 1 kit boosts power from 230 HP to 305 HP, while bringing torque up to 295 lb.-ft., all with a simple remapping of the stock ECU. The one-upped GTI can dispatch the run to 60 in just over six seconds and on to a top speed of 158 MPH.

If that isn't enough, the Stage 2 kit swaps out the stock exhaust with a stainless steel sport setup, along with a new intercooler and a carbon fiber "ram air" intake. Power is increased to 330 HP and 317 lb.-ft. of torque, which drops the 0-60 time another .3 seconds.

If and when the "Edition 30" makes its way across the pond, we hope that Oettinger decides to offer up its wares on this side of the planet.

[Source: Carscoop]


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Hell hath frozen over: ROUSH begins selling high-performance parts for GM vehicles

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We heard rumblings from the underground that ROUSH was considering expanding its line of high-performance parts to vehicles not wearing the Blue Oval badge, and today the company that Jack built made it official. After 12 years of offering parts only for Fords, ROUSH Performance will begin offering parts for GM vehicles for the first time. The first two products include the ROUSH Power Programmers for GM trucks (shown right) and Cold Air Intake Kits. Soon exhaust systems, suspension components and other parts will be offered, as well. Even the ROUSHcharger supercharger system will be made available for the 2007-2008 Chevy Silverado and GMC Sierra pickups.

Though the ROUSH name has been synonomous with Ford vehicles, particularly the Mustang and F-150, the move to expand its product lineup to other manufacturers only makes sense. ROUSH has been doing engineering work for General Motors and even DaimlerChrysler for some time, so we wouldn't be surprised to find out Chrysler Group vehicles will be invited into the fold soon, too. And do we even dare speculate about the possibility of ROUSH one day offering its own version of the Camaro?

Check out the official press release from ROUSH after the jump.

[Source: ROUSH]

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Don't forget the snow tires: PGR4 to feature "dynamic" weather

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Project Gotham Racing 4 on the Xbox 360 has new AI, a revised in-car view, a career mode, better graphics, more cars... and a dynamic weather system! Thunderclouds, rain in the day, snow at night, icy roads, the perfect 4-wheel slide that suddenly turns mid-corner into a face full of Armco, it's all there -- you'll just never know when, because it's "dynamic". The quote from Bizarre, makers of PGR4: "This results in changing physics when powering around a corner on the wet or icy surface in Shanghai and St. Petersburg or any of the game's 10 other locations." You can see standard and HD movies of the unpredictable dynamic weather here. Get ready to get wet.

[Source: Joystiq]


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Top Gear involved in crash of only Koenigsegg CCXR in existence

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The Top Gear crew has been behind some pretty spectactular crashes in recent history. Need we remind you of Richard Hammond's jet car crash that nearly took his life? Then there was reportedly an Enzo that got hit by a bus two years ago on its way to a photo shoot. The Stig even took a Koenigsegg CCX off road at the test track last year. Thanks to some less than safe driving by a senior engineer at Koenigsegg, we can now add another Koenigsegg to the list, the extremely rare Koenigsegg CCXR.

To refresh your memory, the CCXR runs on biofuel, B85 to be exact, which gives it more power than even the CCX. The CCXR is one of the few production cars in the world, as a matter of fact, that officially produces over 1,000bhp. It makes 1,018 bhp, and all that power was working against Koenigsegg's senior engineer when he attempted to take a blind right hand curve at over 120 mph and hit a highway cone. He and Peter Grunert, a member of the Top Gear team along for the ride, were spun around like a top before coming to rest again on the CCXR's scraped belly. Grunert tells us what he remembers over at Top Gear's website, which includes "One of the exotic, lightweight wheels with magnesium spokes bolted to a carbon-fibre rim had completely shattered," and "Behind us were the longest tyre marks I have ever seen: 265 metres of pirouetting rubber."

At least in this instance a Top Gear employee wasn't behind the wheel and can't claim responsibility for reducing the world's population of exotics by yet another vehicle. And truth be told, while the CCXR that bit it was the only one in existence, Koenigsegg is reportedly planning to offer owners of the regular CCX the ability to upgrade their cars to accept the biofuel.

Click th Read link to read Top Gear's harrowing account of the crash and see more pics of the wreckage.

Thanks for the tip, Drew!

[Source: Top Gear]


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Chrysler Group recalling 270,000 minivans to fix airbag sensors

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The Detroit News is reporting that DaimlerChrysler has recalled 270,000 units of the 2005 Dodge Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country minvans to fix airbag sensors that could corrode and fail to activate. The recall, however, only affects minvans that were sold in 20 states and Washington D.C. where lots of salt is used on public roads to melt ice and snow. Apparently these UF sensors have brass bushings that may corrode from road salt and crack, allowing to water to reach the sensor, which causes it to fail and illuminate a warning light on the dash.

So if you own a 2005 Dodge Caravan and live in Florida, you're probably safe. If you live in Buffalo, NY, however, you might want to visit your local Dodge dealer this weekend. The number of vehicles affected includes as many 270,958 minivans built from April 24, 2003 to February 2, 2005. We've included a list of the 20 states affected after the jump along with the recall report from the NHTSA. DaimlerChrysler will notify owners in each state and replace the brass bushings with steel ones to prevent the sensor from failing in the future. If you live in a different state than one on the list, DCX will offer you lifetime free replacement of any UF airbag sensor that fails on your minivan. If you have more questions, you can contact DCX at 1-800-853-1403.

[Source: The Detroit News, NHTSA]

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Audi releases pair of exclusive color packages for RS4

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RS4 Ibis White -- Click image to enlarge

This was news that came out earlier in the week, but we held off on covering it because there was no media released in association with it. We're talking about the new Audi exclusive Phantom Black and Ibis White packages for the RS4. Since they're paint-and-trim deals, you can see why we wanted to wait for a photo. Both take a monochrome exterior approach, with the Ibis White package going slightly further (and costing more) -- even the grille surround is white, in a change from its standard metallic appearance. Both cars feature black interiors, with grey contrast stitching in the Phantom Black RS4 and white for the Ibis White car. In addition to the color/trim packs, the cars are equipped with the "sports suspension plus," which is dropped an additional 10mm. Pricing for the Phantom Black RS4 is set at €6,500, and the Ibis White edition comes in at €7,200. Additional details are in the Audi press release pasted after the jump.

[Source: Audi]

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VIDEO: Honda goes mental with Hondamentalism

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Every automaker has its own subset of dedicated enthusiasts, with varying levels of obsessive behavior. Honda is no different. Take away the misinformed ricers, and Honda's racing heritage stands alone in a sea of commuter-infused mediocrity.

In order to recognize the Big H's engineering prowess and its motorsports legacy, Honda has launched a new ad campaign in the UK that focuses on the automaker's obsessive compulsive attention to detail. Dubbed Hondamentalism, the idea is to forge a link between its racing successes and its consumer vehicles - hardly a new concept - but the way it's presented deserves a look. The new spot, posted after the jump, will give you a feel for the campaign as a whole, albeit in a somewhat melodramatic, Aphex Twin-influenced creative.

You can get your head into the campaign by heading over to the Hondamentalism website, and you can check out a brief run down on what the Red H is all about here.

[Source: Honda]

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GM loans Cleveland Browns QB Brady Quinn pair of Hummer H2s for a year

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Brady Quinn, former quarterback for the Notred Dame Fighting Irish and recently the 22nd pick in this year's NFL draft by the Cleveland Browns (Go Browns!), will be receiving a one-year loan of two HUMMER H2 SUVs from General Motors. GM put out a press release today that didn't provide many details as to why Quinn is being given the SUVs, but HUMMER was the sponsor of the 2007 NFL Draft, so perhaps it's a consolation prize for his infamous slide on draft day. No word was offered on whether Quinn will get the 2007 or 2008 models with their updated interiors. Quinn will take possession of his loaner vehicles this Monday, May 14th, at the Central HUMMER East dealership in Beachwood, Ohio. That's a stone's throw away from where this blogger lives, so maybe I'll show up and see if Brady wants to toss the pigskin around.

[Source: GM]


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Spy Shots: 2008 Honda Accord sedan caught!

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Ace spy photographer Chris Doane happened upon a very lightly disguised 2008 Honda Accord sedan development vehicle doing some hot weather testing, and fortunately for us had his camera on him (we think he sleeps with a Canon under his pillow). The Accord is certainly one of Honda's most important products, and we can see from these shots that the sedan will look similar but not identical to the Accord coupe that was unveiled as a concept last January in Detroit and has already been spotted out in the wild. Brenda Priddy & Co. notes the sedan is lacking the honeycomb grille from the coupe and certain lines of the body are different. In our estimation, it's a fairly vanilla design, which is in keeping with this car's purpose of appealing to the largest demographic possible in the midsize sedan segment.

While this mule was likely a four-cylinder model, we expect a new 3.5L V6 from Honda for the Accord with at least 270 horsepower when the car debuts later this year. Expect lower emissions, however, and tricks like cylinder deactivation to increase the car's fuel economy at the same time. The four-cylinder, meanwhile, will likely have around 180 horsepower. Production of the new Accord should start in September or October with deliveries to dealerships arriving not long after.

Check out higher resolution spy shots of the 2008 Honda Accord sedan from various angles by viewing the gallery. For reference, also check out the high-res gallery of the Accord Coupe Concept by clicking here.


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