Spy Shots: Hyundai Genesis caught

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As much as we enjoy featuring professional spy photog's material, sometimes the real joy comes courtesy of your average Joe. So when we got tipped off that TheCarBlogger was able to catch a camo-clad Genesis prototype floating around out in the open (location undisclosed), we were more than happy to share the love.

Although little is revealed through the liberal application of vinyl and styrofoam, it's evident that Hyundai decided to remove a few horizontal slats to make the front a bit less Camry-esque, while the HID headlamps received the chrome treatment and the 18-inch rolling stock still seems to hint at Hyundai's economy car roots.

Look for the production version of Hyundai's first foray into the luxury sedan segment to reach consumers late next year, sporting either a 3.8-liter V6 or the new 4.6-liter "Tau" V8.

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The Mach Five goes live! Speed Racer microsite hits the web

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Although the majority of our fanboy energy has been devoted to all things Transformers-related, we still have a bit left over for the upcoming release of the live action version of Speed Racer. With Senors Larry and Andy Wachowski at the helm, the potential for excellence runs high, and judging by the acting talent they've enlisted, we doubt this will be a dud.

Still, as buzz-worthy as Speed and his pals may be, one defining characteristic of any soon-to-be-released flick is its own microsite, which Speed Racer hasn't had until now. The site just went live and the majority of the content focuses on the recent press event held in Germany where the Mach 5 was unveiled. There's a brief synopsis of the characters and the struggles that will unfold during the film, plus bios of the actors involved, but until they post a trailer, we'll say that it's only for the hardest of hardcore Speed fans.


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We'll always have Paris: Saturn considers what Lutz already confirmed

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Bloomberg's Greg Bensinger penned an article Friday that's getting some play on the web. In it, he spoke to Saturn's product development director, Lisa Hutchinson, who said that the Saturn division is indeed considering the addition of the Corsa subcompact to the lineup. Hutchinson doesn't attach a timeframe to anything, but states that the American consumer's concern over fuel economy is what's driving this. Later in the day, the Detroit News' Autos Insider column picked up on Bensinger's story. Speculation about a quality American-marque subcompact will do that when gas costs three bucks and change.

We want to see the Corsa here as badly as anyone else, but if you think back to October '06 during the Paris Motor Show, you'll remember that none other than Bob Lutz himself confirmed then that the Corsa will be sold as a Saturn. In fact, the exact words he used, according to Automotive News, were that the Corsa "will very definitely go to the United States." The thing is, the Corsa we'll get will be the next-generation model, not the one shown above. Last October, the timeframe surrounding this, as relayed by the Automotive News' David Sedgwick, was reportedly five years -- meaning 2011, probably as a 2012 model, if we had to guess. AN also reported that the US version of the car would likely be built in Mexico.

We're sure that Jill Lajdziak would like nothing more than to hop out of a Corsa on stage during one of next season's US auto shows and announce that it'll be on sale in the near future, but based on what Lutz already said -- and he of all people would know -- it's probably not happening anytime soon. Bummer.

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AudiWorld flogs the 535HP MTM RS4 Clubsport

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Messing with perfection is a tough trade, but for the world-renowned Audi tuners at MTM, it's another day at the office. Based out of Wettstetten, a suburb of Ingolstadt, and headed by an ex-Audi engineer who took part in the development of the quad-ring's turbo'd five-cylinder engines of the '80s, MTM has a hard-earned reputation for being the best in the biz, and they're not letting that rep subside.

Their newest creation is tasked with pushing the performance envelope of Audi's most hardcore grocery-getter, the RS4. By strapping a liquid-to-air intercooled, Lysolm-type supercharger onto the 4.2-liter V8, the MTM RS4 Clubsport can surge to sixty in under four seconds. How's that possible? A strict diet and a motor able to produce 535 HP and 428 ft.-lb. of torque - all on the stock internals.

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VIDEO: Caparo T1 in action

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We just can't get enough of the Caparo T1. We've surely bored you with all the stats -- performance figures, power-to-weight ratio and engineering geeketry -- but nothing compares to actually seeing the closest thing to a street-legal F1 car making the rounds on a closed circuit.

The video after the jump is entirely too short, but evidence of the T1's physics-defying abilities can be seen by its nonexistent body roll and the glorious sounds of the 3.5-liter V8 being run into the red at a heady 10,500 RPM. Goosebumps, anyone?

[Source: StreetFire.net]

Gallery: Caparo T1

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eBay find of the day: $700k Chevy Nomad

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How many hours does it take to turn a 1955 Chevy Nomad into the award-winning Chevy "Newmad"? 22,000 hours. Yes, you read that correctly. One Newmad equals 84 Rolls-Royce Phantoms.

The Newmad began its life as the first generation Nomad, the halo model wagon derived from the Motorama Corvette of 1953-54. Whizbang hotrod designer Chris Ito was commissioned by a Phoenix couple to pen the redesign, and after fixing the shape, the aforementioned 22,000 hours of elbow grease were put in at Steve's Auto Restorations in Portland, Oregon. The word "custom" barely begins to describe it. The chassis was created specifically for the car, the suspension is from a 2000 Corvette, the body's been lengthened, the sheet metal was created by hand, and all of the glass is one-off. The interior pulls from almost every marque known, including a Mercury Marauder cowl, Lexus seats, Jaguar interior door handles, and Porsche window switches. Oh, and the leather is custom as well. The package is powered by a 500 cubic inch aluminum big block with a 4L80E transmission. And thanks to eBay, the Newmad can be yours for the Buy It Now price of $695,000. Which is a bargain, really -- that's only 1.5 Phantoms. (You can read the full story of the Newmad here.)

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VIDEO: Spkyer's Adrian Sutil goes airborne

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When qualifying for the Canadian GP wrapped up yesterday, Fernando Alonso had set the pace for the rest of the competitors, and after today's runs, it looks like Lewis Hamilton has secured his first pole. What caught our attention, though, was a video posted over at the Axis of Oversteer, showing Adrian Sutil, pilot of the Spyker F1 car, paying tribute to the marque's heritage of flight during Friday qualifying.

We're not going to make any comments about talent; we'll just let the video after the jump speak for itself. The Canadian GP begins tomorrow at 1 PM EST.

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Dodge Viper torched in Russia for being branded with the Devil's mark

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Communism might not officially admit a God, but Russians apparently believe Satan is alive and well, and that he might drive a Dodge Viper. It all started when the owner of a Viper was given license plates that contained the 3-digit calling card of a certain deity you don't want to know. That person then decided to park his car somewhere in Kostroma, Russia. With that kind of provocation, what choice did the townfolk have? Taking no chances with the sanctity of their souls and perhaps making too much of the serpent-Viper connection, the good residents of the town purified the Viper in the fire. Which is another way of saying they torched that bad boy. Putting aside the question of why the license bureau would issue such plates in the first place, does anyone think Mephistopheles would actually drive a Dodge? Or did someone just watch The Car once too often?

[Source: English Russia via Jalopnik]


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Landspeeder found in Florida impound

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Yep, you read that headline correctly. The police impound in Cedar Grove, FL is home to the life-sized landspeeder you see above. Built as a promotional vehicle for Coca-Cola in the early 1980s (it was given the moniker "Coke One"), this speeder was actually a runner, with a VW chassis and engine under its skin.

According to StarWars.com, it fell into obscurity sometime in the 80s and resurfaced in 1995 when it was donated to the Cedar Grove PD. It's been in the impound lot ever since, and now police chief Guy Turcotte has set the wheels in motion to have the collectible make the department a little money. A local resident is getting the engine operational again, and as you can see, the body appears to be in very good shape. The first time it went up for auction, it got no bids. Once it's fixed, it's going to go up for grabs again. We'll try to keep tabs on when that happens. Maybe then it'll be time for the owner of this van to trade up to something cooler.

[Source: StarWars.com via TheForce.net]

Gallery: Landspeeder


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OMG! 24 hours of Nurburgring live video stream

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The 24 hours of the Nurburgring is underway, and although we've been keeping an eye on some of the racers via PaddockTalk's coverage, we didn't find this link until about 30 minutes ago. The official website (in German) is hosting a live video stream of the race as it happens. Unfortunately, darkness has fallen over the Green Hell, so the video isn't the most exhilarating thing to watch at present. But when the sun breaks cover in the next several hours, we reckon you'll be in store for a real treat. Now if they can just keep it going for the other 8,736 hours of the year...

Here's the direct link that will launch Windows Media Player on PCs and VLC Player on Macs.


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