eBay find of the day: Jet-engined go kart

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Wanna make a wheeled vehicle more interesting? Affix a jet engine to it. And that's just what the owner of the go-kart you see above did. Powering the kart is a mil-spec JFS-100 engine -- the type used as a starter (JFS = jet fuel starter) for the larger main engines on aircraft such as the A7 Corsair attack plane. In addition to the jet engine, the kart's got a push-button afterburner setup that ups the ante by creating "extra thrust, noise, and spectacular fire and smoke effects." Cool!

Instruments include an EGT gauge and an RPM Meter, all neatly organized in front of the driver. There are no hard performance numbers for this little missile, but we'll assume it's plenty fast, and the owner says that it's stable at speed and handles exceptionally well. If you're able to arrange for local pickup in Inverness, UK, it can be yours, too. The bidding opens at £5,000.

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Spy Video: Audi RS6

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The closer we get to the Frankfurt Motor Show, the more excited we are for the arrival of the sinister Audi RS6. Those wonderfully crazy Germans are set to add forced induction to the already balls-out 5.2L V10 that powers the more "pedestrian" S6, and somewhere around 550hp will be the end result. Other changes include oval tail pipes like those seen on the production RS4, a rear diffuser, and a larger front air intake. The changes are still pretty subtle, though, as Audi seems to cherish the role of sleeper.

Brenda Priddy and co. have once again snagged some great shots of the RS6, but this time we get motion picture strait from the 'Ring. Wait till you see this midsize monster absolutely cranking around the Green Hell's many bends -- the sights and sounds are astonishingly good. Hit play above to catch the action.

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Panhard revival? Peugeot considers Lexus-like premium brand

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1930s Panhard Dynamic - look closely to see center-mounted steering wheel

According to industry mag Automotive News, the appearance of new French President Nicolas Sarkozy in a stretched Peugeot 607 has ignites speculation that PSA could revive the defunct Panhard marque as a premium/luxury automobile division that follows the Lexus formula of sharing components with existing PSA/Peugeot-Citroen products.

Panhard was sold to Auverland, a French military vehicle manufacturer, in 2005, and the brand is now used on said machinery. We assume that PSA would have to arrive at some agreement with that entity if it were ever to resurrect the name on passenger vehicles.

PSA, for its part has no comment on the matter other than to say that a premium division is one of the many things under consideration by its new leadership. Our friends at Motor Authority question whether ot not PSA has the technology and resources to make a possible Panhard brand a success. They also point to maybach as an example of how hard it is to revive an old marque, but we think Maybach's issues are more than a lack of name recognition. Those cars just don't look different enough than their Mercedes brethren. If the Excelero was ever built, it would be an instant sellout. But we digress

PSA's future direction will be announced in September, at which point we'll presumably find out if a premium division -- Panhard or otherwise -- is planned.

[Source: Automotive News via Motor Authority]


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Streaming radio LeMans goes live, but we want video dammit

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With the 24 Hours of LeMans underway, now would be a good time to begin hording resources for those of us unable to get coverage of the race on the boob tube. We've already come across RadioLeMans, which has apparently been streaming for the last several days, but what we really want is video. The only source we've found so far isn't working (and we think it's in German anyway), so if anyone out there can submit links to help your deprived pistonhead brethren, we'd appreciate it.

List off what you've got in comments.


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Tulsa's buried Belvedere revealed! It's a rust bucket

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click above image to view more pics from the '57 Chrysler Belvedere's unveiling

Tonight was the big unearthing and unveiling of the 1957 Chrysler Belvedere that was buried in front of the courthouse in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma 50 years ago. After the car's underground tomb was opened earlier in the week and it was discovered filled with water, no one was sure what condition "Mrs. Belvedere" would be in. Brenton Burke, a friend of Autoblog, was present at the unveiling and filed this report.

"Three men from OSU's automotive school pulled the cover back and there she sat. Mrs. Belvedere was in ruins. Just destroyed... I was totally bummed and the old people around me really took it hard... They then continued to show flicks of interviews with people who watched the event, while Boyd et. al. tried to open the various compartments. They succeeded with the trunk and hood, but were having difficulties opening the side doors. In the trunk was some fun stuff. They had put the gas in glass jugs, then placed those in steel containers. There was a six pack of beer and some other destroyed memorabilia. The beer was still in tact! They opened the hood and removed the plastic cover that disintegrated over it, and showed us the mold/algae covered engine. At that point, there was nothing much left of the car.

They proceeded to cut open the big steel boiler that doubled as the real time capsule. It was perfect. They cut it open and pulled out an American Flag that looked brand new. Awesome! There were postcards, letters from the school districts, etc. Most of the stuff was random memorabilia that the people of Tulsa threw in, last minute, and un-documented."

More after the jump.

[Photos: Brent Burke]

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WSJ examines why supercars are dropping like flies on public roads

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It's a well-known fact that just because you can afford a supercar, it doesn't mean you can handle it. As the purchase of exotics has increased, the number of customers cracking up their hyper-expensive rides has risen accordingly, and the Wall Street Journal decided to take a look into the facts, the figures and the conjecture surrounding the issue.

The article, accompanied by a two-and-a-half minute video segment, explores some of the more publicized cases of the past several years, along with interviews with some players in the automotive industry and the press.

One of the stats that caused us to re-read an entire paragraph came courtesy of the California Highway Patrol. "... The total number of accidents involving Aston Martins, Bentleys, Ferraris, Lamborghinis, Lotuses and Maseratis rose to 141 last year, an 81% increase from 2002, while overall crashes declined statewide during that period."

That stat pretty much sums up the state of affairs, but the whole article is certainly worth a few minutes of your Saturday. Whether or not this recent phenomenon is worthy of some of the government's or automaker's time is another issue entirely.

[Source: Wall Street Journal]


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Mazda gets into the timepiece game, again

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Click the pic above for a gallery of high res images.

Collaborations with watchmakers is normally the purview of exotic car manufacturers, but Mazda has partnered with German watch maker Sinn Spezialuhren to create a limited edition chronograph that's slated to go on sale in Europe this August.

Apparently, this is the third time that Mazda has joined forces with Sinn, as they've released two other timepieces, drawing influence from the MX-5 and RX-8.

Their newest venture was also inspired by the automaker's iconic convertible, which supposedly steals cues from the taillights, door handles and air intake, along with a band that shares the same tire design as the Mazda Hakaze concept.

More information is available via the "Read" link and we've gallerized several images of the chrono below.

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VIDEO: One less NSX to storm Castle Combe

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When we wrote about the NSX-takeover at Castle Combe last month, it seemed that one aspect of the story slipped through the cracks - and the press release that was issued.

On the very first hot lap of JapFest, one of the 43 NSXs that took to the track crashed in a relatively unspectacular display of rotational inertia that's inherent when piloting a midship supercar. According to the video's poster, the driver was behind the wheel of an NA1, and while taking a 90-degree right-hander (probably on cold tires) the driver overcorrected some mild oversteer, and proceeded directly into a wall, subsequently flipping his "everyday supercar."

Thankfully, the other 42 participants concluded their day unscathed. Two videos, one of the crash and another of the NSX being transported on a flatbed, are posted after the jump.

Thanks for the tip, Paul.

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