Motor Trend gets kooky with Photoshop

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Click the mash-up above to see more of MT's digital hallucinations

One of the problems with modern digital technology is sometimes people just don't know where to stop. Just because you can do something with Photoshop, it doesn't necessarily mean you should. All of us here at Autoblog know what can happen when you've been up way too late writing posts, especially when we're on the road. That's why we usually rely on our ever-helpful leads like John before our ramblings get committed to the archive that is the web.

Arthur St. Antoine over at MT seems to have spent one or more of those late nights committing his hallucinations to digital posterity, and provides us with a spy shot gallery even the illustrious Lehmann, Dunne and Priddy couldn't have offered up. VW Jabba? GMC Yukon Cornelius? Who knew!?!?!

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eBay Find of the Day: 1950 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith by Mulliner

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1050 Rolls-Royce Silver Wraith Roadster

I saw this car at the Greenwich Concours a couple of weeks ago, where it won the trophy for Most Distinguished Rolls-Royce. The photos I've attached don't do it justice. No photo really can. It's just that kind of car. This Silver Wraith attracted people the whole time it was there, such was its innate magnetism. And now it's on eBay.

Its restoration has been performed to absurdly high standards. The finish is mirrorlike, the undercarraige is cleaner than a hospital operating room, and the engine, like the exterior, is resplendent in black, as if dipped in an inkwell. Like the rest of the car, it's a sight to behold. The red leather in the passenger compartment stands in bright contrast to the rest of the machine, and the full picnic kit stowed in the trunk contains china that's probably nicer than what's in my cabinet at home -- I'm talking about the good stuff that never gets eaten on that I got as wedding gifts. Proceeds from the sale are said to benefit an unnamed charity, whose management should be pleased to know that the current bid is already over $1.1 million. The reserve's not met yet, and the "Buy It Now" link is still active. Don't click it, though...not unless you have $2,150,000 to back up that rash behavior.

More pics after the jump. Gallery below.. Thanks to Mike for the Tip!

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Autocar drives the new Saab 9-3

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Click on the photo for a high-res gallery of the 2008 Saab 9-3 convertible

The crew at AutoCar in jolly old England recently had a first crack at the updated 2008 Saab 9-3 and they've published their initial impressions. They mainly got to play with the flex-fuel 2.0L turbo four, which will probably be the base engine when the new Saab arrives on our shores. In Europe, the 9-3 will also be available with the 2.8L turbo V-6 and a twin turbo 1.8L diesel. Unfortunately, we probably won't get the diesel here.

The Brits were also impressed by the new XWD all-wheel-drive system that uses a combination of the latest Haldex center differential and an electronic limited slip differential in the rear axle to instantly distribute the drive torque away from slipping wheels to the ones that have grip in a smooth, seamless transition. Check out the rest of AutoCars driving impressions here.

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TiVo Alert: The 24 Hours of Le Mans is over

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If you recorded the 24 Hours of Le Mans to watch later, you can move on to the next post and come back here after you're all caught up. For those who just want the scoop on what happened in the big diesel battle of 2007 or the GT1 duel between Aston Martin and Corvette, continue reading after the jump to find out what happened.

[Sources: Audi, SpeedTV and Racing-Live]

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Pontiac G8 GXP research? HSV Clubsport R8 spotted in Troy, MI

HSV Clubsport R8 in Troy, MI

HSV E-Series Clubsport R8A reader named Dominic sent in photos of a car he spotted in Troy, MI this week. In his email, he noted only that said car was RHD. To our enjoyment, when we looked at the photos, we were pleased to find an E-Series HSV Clubsport R8 (official pic at right). HSV is the performance arm of GM's Australia-based Holden division, and the HSV cars have the goods to back up their aggressive looks.

The Clubsport, like the other E-Series HSV sedans, sports different front and rear fascias than the regular Holden Commodore SS-V (which we'll see as the Pontiac G8 GT). It's also identifiable easily thanks to the "Clubsport" badging ahead of the rear wheel well (plainly visible in the spy photo gallery below). Its 6.0L LS2 is good for a rocking 411 horsepower and 405 lb-ft of tire-shredding twist -- a notable upgrade over the forthcoming G8 GT's 362 horses and 391 lb-ft.

While it's not at all surprising to see Holdens in the Detroit area sporting manufacturer tags like this one (there are always several sightings during the Woodward Dream Cruise, as the stuff just comes out of the woodwork), it's encouraging to see one of the latest and greatest HSV's tooling about. After all, everyone knows that the best Pontiacs get a GXP designation now, and we hope that this car's presence is an indicator that the General is looking to add a range-topper to the G8 lineup sometime after it makes its debut next year.

Thanks for the shots, Dominic!


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[via] Autoblog snags BMW M3 sedan up close and personal

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2008 BMW M3 Sedan

M3 enthusiast site has snagged what are easily the best spyshots yet of Bimmer's upcoming 4-door hot rod. They don't come from any of the spy photo big guns, either. Instead, they're sourced from within their own ranks, as site member Larry Blunk was clicking the shutter as the silver M3 sedan prototype lapped the Nürburgring and then spent quality time with the car as it sat parked out in the open afterwards. Appearance-wise, think of an E90 3-series sedan with the new M3 coupe's front and rear end treatments, bulging, vented hood,side extractors, and wheels. It's looking good so far, and we're sure there'll be no shortage of takers for the slightly more practical version of the M-enhanced speed merchant. We're guessing it'll debut on its home turf at the Frankfurt Motor Show.

Click here to see several more nice, high-resolution shots.



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Out-of-control dragster kills six in Tennessee

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A tragic accident at a charity drag race Saturday night in Selmer, Tenn. has claimed the lives of at least six people, including a 15-year-old and a 17-year-old, and injured as many as 18 others. An Associated Press report on CNN has witnesses saying the car was participating in an exhibition burnout when it went out of control, slammed into a utility pole and careened through the crowd. Apparently the car was on a public street lined with spectators and no guard rails.

Ironically, the event was organized to raise money for Cars for Kids, which was set up by Larry Price after his son recovered from a life-threatening bike accident in 1990. Cars for Kids posted this statement on its Web site...

We as a Cars For Kids organization would like to extend our deepest regrets and sympathy to all the victims and their families who were involved in yesterday's tragedy. This organization began to help children all across the world because of an almost fatal accident 18 years ago. Our intention has always been to help as many children and their families as we possibly could. As an organization we want everyone to know the loss is deep within our hearts and we will carry the scars of each loss forever. At this time the future of Cars For Kids is undecided.

According to the AP, the car is usually driven by Troy Critchley of Wylie, Texas, but no one could say if he was the driver at the time of the crash. Critchley's official Web site only displays a "not available," but can be seen in Google archives.

Amateur video of the crash as well as TV news video is available at WMCTV, but is in WMP format only, so good luck with it. AP has video coverage of the emergency response available to all.

Thanks for the tip, Chris P.

[Sources: The Associated Press, CNN, WMCTV, The Jackson Sun]


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Autoblog Week in Photos: Week of June 11, 2007

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Yet another week passes, and if you haven't registered to win the $29,000 Dodge Nitro, you're too late. As a consolation prize, there was a ton of new information on Autoblog, including the introduction of the freshened Saab 9-3, the updated Jaguar XK, and Autoblog's review of the leviathan Ford F450 King Ranch. We also ponied up for spy shots of the Cadillac CTS-V engine bay, and some very clear photos of the interior of the upcoming Lincoln MKS.

The last week was packed with information, and you only need three minutes to get an update by clicking on the above video. We've also added links below to some of the more significant galleries from the last seven days. This week we have some kickass music from Barry McCabe with "Rollin". Enjoy!


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