Vauxhall unveils high-fashion accessories by Jonathan Kelsey

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Click above for a gallery of Kelsey-designed Vauxhall Collective accessories

The folks charged with recasting perceptions of a brand aren't unlike home run hitters: a lot more misses than hits, but when they do hit it's often spectacular. This particular at-bat with Vauxhall, however, is probably a foul tip at best. The folks at the brand behind the griffin, whose logo was redesigned last year to be more dynamic and contemporary, has teamed with British shoe designer Jonathan Kelsey to create a Vauxhall Collective "luxury driving set."

Kelsey is from the Jimmy Choo/Mulberry end of the fashion spectrum, and was asked to create line that celebrated "the great British Road trip." That's what he did... if you're going on a road trip with a '70s-era Elton John or Liberace. The three pieces - steering wheel cover, studded driving gloves, and keychain - will run you £195 (US $284). If you think these are for you - and you know who you are, but we can't believe you drive a Vauxhall - there will only be a limited run of 25, so you better get ordering.

[Source: Vauxhall]

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